Few questions on making additional fast passes on the day

Making Saorin fast pass for 9 am at Epcot ahead of the day, nothing else

Question 1 On the day in the park after I use Soarin can I try to book any fast pass or do I still need to book 2 tier 2 before booking tier one?

Question 2 If I use the fast pass and I want to park hop to MK will I be able to book fast passes or do I need to book 2 tier 2 in Ecpot and either use them or wait for the window to expire before being able to book 4th in different park?

This is based on other Liners’ testing: you’ll need to use both Tier 2s before you can have a second Tier 1 at the same park. You can, however, book a Tier 1 at HS after using the Soarin one (but you’d only be able to do one Tier 1 there as well). Booking at MK/AK can be done as soon as you use up all existing FPs. I believe people were saying that you had to actually use them, not just let them expire but I don’t know if there was actual testing done on that.

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If you do not hop and stay at Epcot, you’ll need to use or let the time pass for one Tier 1 and 2 Tier 2 before you can try for another Tier 1.

If you decide to hop from Epcot to the MK and only have a single preselected FPP at Epcot, you can select 2 FPP in the MK as soon as you tap your band at the Epcot attraction.

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If we use all 3 fast passes at AK in the morning, and then head to HS in the afternoon, can you use 4th and 5th FPP at HS? OR do we need to use only a couple FPP at AK in the morning and save one for HS in the afternoon to get access to 4th and 5th FPP?

Any you make in advance need to be at the same park. Once you’ve scanned your third one, you can right away make a FPP for your 4th one, and it can be for a different park. The 4th ones and beyond can only be made one at a time. Scan it, make another. Scan it, make another. And so on.

There are also reports that if you only want to do one fast pass at a park once you scan you can make two others at another park.

I can confirm that this is the case. I did it multiple times recently.

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