Festival planning warning

So I felt like a complete planner failure last night. I had done my research for the festival of the holidays. We knew what we wanted to eat, where to do the cookie stroll, etc. I had watched videos, read articles, checked out @cheftodd55 on Instagram… we were ready.

Nowhere along the way did I catch that the festival booths close at 8 pm. I knew Epcot was open to 9:30… we were surprised at the Italy kitchen at 7:55ish when told we couldn’t get in line. My poor husband sprinted to get his pastrami sandwiches (thank goodness they were still serving). And the Moroccan booth stayed open later, so he didn’t miss dinner.

Failed our cookie stroll by 2, missed one regular and the completer. Don’t think that will be worth a trip back for, but we may hop in later.

So, word of warning. Always check festival hours when making plans. I wish I had paid closer attention!


Oh, I’m sorry! That makes things difficult when they close up the kitchens. Storytellers leave even earlier. Hope you can hop over there to finish the cookie stroll!

I knew the storyteller hours from making my touring plans. I still don’t know how I missed the booth hours!

Very strange that they close the booths at 8. That’s still really early. I know at F&G and F&W they are definitely open until 9.