Festival Parade vs. Electrical Parade

Is the Festival parade or Electrical parade better to see? 7,11 year old. Any preferences?

I LOVE Electrical Parade. It is so different from anything else. However this is the oppinion of a 46 year old. My kids did like the Electrical parade (9 / 12) lest the party behind us chomping on those disgusting turkey legs.

I also love the electrical parade because there is nothing else like it. My kids, aged 10 and 12 loved it too. I just think it’s so lovely with the lights at night and the music is funky fun.

That is a tough one for me! We LOVE the EP, also it was the first parade of any kind we saw our first night, on our first Disney trip so it’s nostalgic as well. We saw FOF for the first time last year and it was amazing too!! Are your kids super into the characters? If so maybe FOF but for a more classic cool light up experience, EP. Can’t really go wrong w/ either ! EP if you want night, FOF during the day.

OK I just asked my kids (8 & 10) and they both said Festival of Fantasy! :blush:


My kids (3, 4, 9 at the time) loved the FoF the most because I think they loved seeing all of the characters and the dragon. We got a seat right at the street so the lost boys and dwarves all came really close. We all really like the EP too though.

I have loved MSEP since I first saw it back in the 80s; it has a serious nostalgia factor for me, and it’s pretty much unique as far as parades go. Although not typically a fan of “character” parades, FoF is perhaps the best I’ve seen. There’s actually no reason you can’t see both.


Agree w/ @bswan26!

I prefer the FoF although the lights of the MSEP add another dimension. I prefer the FoF music and I love the dragon!

Both great! Choose what works in your plans the best.

If anyone loves princesses, then definitely FoF. If no one cares about princesses, then EP.

I agree with @felicia3333. Also, keep in mind that FoF is during the hottest part of the day. If you don’t want to hang out in the intense heat, EP may be the way to go.