Festival of the Lion King queueing times

Trying to work out best way to see FotLK without accidentally waiting ages (we will not have G+). Seems like you need to queue up very far in advance…. is there a particular performance that has lower queues? Or a way to ensure you don’t accidentally end up missing out and having to wait for the next one which I think would make my 6yos head explode.

Last time we went to first performance on logic TP said it was quietest, and waited over 30m but came very close to not getting in….

If you’re like us, we tend to spend an entire day at AK. The kids are getting older, so maybe not the next time, but we found the last show of the day the easiest. 5 or 530p was not even full, in August.

When was the last time you went though? I think it’s better now than it was when it first returned. I don’t know as I’ve heard of tremendous wait times for it in recent days.

I’m always afraid to wait for the last show of the day in case I miss it or it gets canceled. That may be why it’s never really full LOL