Festival of the Arts returns! Jan 14 - Feb 21

Awwwwww yeah!


This is my favorite festival!!!


I hate that it’s only a month though.


I noticed that too and was a bit disappointed. Marked my calendar so I can go over several days and have time to look at all the artists.


Need to learn more about this festival. My January trip is 1/14-1/18 so I will be there for the beginning. :sunglasses:

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Not President’s week this year. Makes me glad I moved my Presidents week trip to April…

Why so short?

Yay! I had crossed my fingers to see some of this on our trip.

TIL: Did you guys know that if you click just to the right of the thread title (in a browser), it will give you a toggle linking between the first post in the thread and the last post in the thread (the time being the time of the post)?



Yes I did :relaxed:

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Festival of the Arts is my favorite! I’m missing it by 4 days this year though, bummer.

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We will be there for it. I am glad.

I’ll be there. We are going for 2 weeks at the end of January. Last trip was with just a friend, this trip is up to 8 and counting…

I guess I will now be there on the 21st. It is my favorite festival and I was hoping it would still be going on the 22nd but one day is better than nothing.

I did research the last few dates. It seems like it is the same amount of days as pre-pandemic but in the past the dates extended into President’s week.