Festival of the Arts coming to Epcot in January... and there goes my entire plan

I’m going back and forth between being excited about this and super annoyed. I picked the week we did specifically because of lower crowd levels. Not only will all the crowd levels be increased but my entire plan that I’ve spent hours and hours on is now worthless.

Any chance you can do Epcot during the week when this is not scheduled?

It’ll be ok. Since the temperatures dip a bit, it tends to keep locals away. And, people who don’t already have their trips planned, probably won’t make a special trip just for this.
I’m psyched. Getting there 1/14. We always miss the awesome holiday decorations and we’re there too early for F&G. It’ll be nice to see the place gussied up a bit.

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We planned to do Epcot 4 times while we’re there - twice morning, twice evening so I’ll be able to move it some but not much. Plus, I have only 1 day to rework what I can cause I book all my FP reservations this Wednesday. Plus, I already have all my dining reservations booked (and I managed to get every single one we wanted.) Plus, adding this event is going to add crowds to every other park also - so crowd levels as a whole is a complete guessing game now.

Don’t mind me… I’m just gonna go cry in a corner

This is the only thing I’m holding onto right now… hoping that it’s too late for a ton of folks to book special trips

Yeah. They won’t. Kids are in school, too late to juggle that around, etc…
We go this time each year, but I have been at Easter & once in early December. You can swing your arms around like windmills in January! *(except New Years, MLK day, and marathon weekend).
I’ll never, ever ever go at Easter again. 3rd ring of Hell.

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I had a similar thought - we’ve got 2 EPCOT days on our trip - Saturday night (arrival day) and Friday. Hopefully it doesn’t change the crowds too much! Although special shows and snacks might be fun Friday afternoon (we were planning on touring WS at this time).

Decisions, decisions. Swap Wednesday HS and Friday EPCOT? Or take our chances with current plan.

Weekends in EP - especially in WS - will be a bit more crowded, but I wouldn’t really worry about the rest of the week. I think this is more a a thing to draw locals in, and they’ll be focused on "festival’ activities more than rides.

We have one weekend day planned for Epcot during our trip. That’s the day we have FEA in the afternoon…which will be a pain to reschedule once I know more about the Festival that day. Maybe I should switch my Soarin’FP day with my FEAFP day…maybe I will just do nothing and see what happens. We have plenty of World Showcase time planned that day so maybe it will all work out!

I’ve decided to take our chances with our current plan. Mainly because my time to book FP is 7am tomorrow and I just don’t have the time (nor the desire) to rework everything. I’ve got Epcot time planned for Monday and Friday and I figure those days won’t be as busy as Saturday and Sunday. Plus, I’ve got a night at AK planned just in case ROL opens, if it doesn’t open I can switch Epcot to that night.