Festival of the Arts - animation academy review

Yesterday the childfree adults in my group stayed at Epcot to do some day drinking while the others went back for some pool time. We were passing by America Gardens theater just as the second animation academy class was about to start, so we decided to try it. Even on a very busy ProBowl-week Saturday (WS was literally wall to wall people) there were plenty of seats 2 minutes before the show.

They hand each person a clipboard with a sheet of paper that has a festival logo sticker in the corner, then the next CM gives you a sharp drawing pencil with a good heavy lead. There is no eraser on any of the pencils.

They announce the instructor by name (I’m embarrassed to say that I was a few drinks in and don’t remember our guy’s last name, but he signed his drawing with James), and they come out and sit at a drawing table. Their paper is projected up onto a large screen that’s very easy to see. They will remind you about the no eraser thing, and ours was very good about telling us when we were just making a guide line and would want it very light.

He took us through step by step, but it was kind of fast-paced. He also mentioned that our drawing would be a little more advanced than the earlier one. I think it would be okay for a pre-teen, but wouldn’t recommend taking a younger child who is easily flustered, or if you do then bring them a pencil with an eraser.

Overall it was definitely a nice way to spend 15-20 minutes. Here’s my finished drawing:


That’s awesome! I did it last week and we drew Tigger (my drawing was awful so I’m not posting it).

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I am so excited about being there during this festival. We didn’t know about it when I planned our dates, but I am looking forward to it.


It was fun. The day I was there it was only offered twice so definitely check out the times when you go so you don’t miss it.