Festival of Lion King dining package done?

Looks like no dates available after 9/28. I know they said it wouldn’t go on forever…bummed. Perhaps they have replaced with this (which does not interest me)

That new offering needs something to bump up the wow factor like a special meet & greet. Meeting Timon & Rafiki isn’t enough for me for that price.

Yea, I really wanted to do the FOTLK dining event…looks like I am outta luck. No big

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Ooh, I guess I got it on the last day then! I have it on 9/28!

i thought of you when I saw nothing on 29th or 30th! Glad you got it. Maybe they just haven’t updated availability beyond the 28th

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Funny, FoLK Tier 1 package was one of the few events I have attended that I sent an email after saying what a great experience it was .


Yes, it was because of you @PrincipalTinker, that I wanted to book this. Maybe it will continue into October; if not, no big


Resurrecting this thread instead of starting a new one. We originally booked the tier 2 pkg but decided to drop our dining plan in light of recent changes and upgrade to the tier 1 since we’ll be doing far fewer TS meals. Nothing open in March. But still all over the website. Bummer.

I saw the tier 1 offered in the beginning of April. I think March might be sold out? I have been trying to book it for the end of April but those dates have not loaded .

Noooooooo. I am going like march 4, that’s too early for crowds to warrant sell out!!! I guess I’ll keep stalking.

I did a search and am not seeing what changes happened other than the price increase? Was that the big change or did I miss something?

There are changes with the dining plan and children’s credits. Tier 2 was dining plan eligible but many people are dropping the plan.

i was planning to use my kid credits to pay for some signature meals and some for our babysitter and pay OOP for chicken nuggets. turns out now kids credits can only be used on kids meals. So I cancelled it.

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Guys there are NO dates in march, and feb 29 is open and so is april 1 and dates after… hmmmm

April 6th is the last April date that was loaded.

Cant be coincidence that march is all gone though right? April dates should be gone too then re crowd levels… hmmm

I also can find tables for the tier 1 package at 11:30am in March at multiple dates (table of 2).

April ADRs were never loaded past the 6th. The dates are not even blue past the 20th.

Ahhhh didnt think to try smaller party. Darn I was hoping there was some conspiracy theory to discover lol

Actually, they just loaded to the 15th of April.