Festival of Lion King (5 PM show) to Boma: Enough time to make 5:55 ADR?

Have a 5:55 PM ADR for Boma and was planning on taking in the 5 PM showing of festival of the Lion King. Will 25 minutes be enough time to get from FOTLK to Boma? Traveling with a 4 year old and a 2 year old.

We will have our own van for transportation.


It may be close ( walking to car) but it is a very short ride ( 5 minutes?). You should have no problem just being a few minutes late.

It’s possible you could do it. Doing that would stress me out though…but I am one of those that thinks 30 minutes early is on time.


Worst case scenario is that you’ll be a few minutes late, which means that you might wait a bit longer for your table. Story of my life. It will be fine. They give you a 20 minute window before actually canceling the reservation.

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I don’t think so but agree that being late is totally fine.

I don’t think you’ll make it, no. You’d need to power walk as fast as you can out of the park, and then hope for an available tram to get you to your parking space. At the dinner hour, there sometimes can be backups at the security gate to get into the AKL area. Once you’re there, finding parking and walking in from the parking lot at Jambo can take a while. Then you still have to get inside, get to the elevators, and go down.

That said, Boma is very accommodating if you’re a couple minutes late. (And the food is always awesome – ate there last night.)

One tip: if you decide to do this and you are running late, call the restaurant and let them know you’re coming but are running late. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the heads-up and it may help them accommodate your late arrival better.


Festival of the Lion King is a solid 30 minutes long. Boma is a fairly easy reservation to make. Would you consider changing your dining time by an extra half hour? It’ll take the pressure off trying to hot-foot it out of AK and over to AKL.


Early is on time, on time is late, late is left behind…