Festival of Holidays - Epcot

Has anyone seen any of the presentations/performances by the characters involved with the Festival of the Holidays? Le Befana in Italy, Father Christmas in the UK, etc.

Trying to determine if it’s worth setting aside enough time to stop and watch several of these.

We did this last December, and I think it’s worth the time. Both the kids and the adults enjoyed all the performances. The favorites were Father Christmas in the UK and Pere Noel in France. We would consider going back next December for this.

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You can watch You Tube videos of them to help decide. I’m glad I did that before our trip last Dec. Norway was funny, the others weren’t as compelling to me. Accents can be tough to understand. We were adults only, so we mainly skipped them, unless we were passing by as they happened. I was glad DH could see the last few minutes of the Norway one. We were trying to do a lot in a little time, and the schedules of these makes it tough to work them in.

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We are actually going to Epcot for the afternoon and evening on our first day of arrival and then still have another full park day there later. So, thankfully that allows us a little extra time to do some things like this that we have previously rushed past.

We did a few on Christmas Day. La Befana was my favourite, also saw Pere Noel, the Norwegian one and the Japanese drummers. The UK one intrigued me (A green Father Christmas? Really? Never, ever heard anything like it :joy::rofl:), but we didn’t get that far.

The schedule makes it almost impossible to do them all. You would be back tracking like crazy. I suggest picking out 3 or 4 for a day.


We have enjoyed Father Christmas in the UK.
I think it’s worth it if it fits into your schedule and doesn’t cause a lot of back tracking.

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