Festival of Fantasy - No show dates in October?

Hi Folks,
I’m playing around with my touring plans for October, and have been for quite a while. Just recently, I started getting this error message:
“Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade does not have any shows scheduled for this date”

And it won’t let me optimize or evaluate. I’ve never had that problem with shows before. Any thoughts?

(I can certainly put in a break, or wait until the schedule comes out, but I’d rather not have to work around it)

Thanks for the help!

I believe parades and Wishes were just added to the September schedule. Disney made an adjustment to them so maybe it is just the parades have not been loaded yet?

It may also be an adjustment as Fpp are no longer available for any parade or wishes.

That’s what I was kind of wondering… if it was a side-effect of that. Because all other shows seem to be OK. They don’t have to be on the official schedule to show up in the plans.

Lots of March/April stuff wasn’t loaded at 180 days. F! Loaded about 4.5 months out and some parades were added a month after everything else. This is very common.

Funny. It’s fixed today. No more error related to the parade in my plan. Oh well. Maybe something got reloaded when the MNSSHP dates were added.
Thanks for the thoughts!