Festival of Fantasy FastPass+ Location? Hub or Main Street?

I cant seem to locate where the current Festival of Fantasy FastPass+ location is. It has been on the hub and main street in the past. I am assuming that now that the hub construction is complete, that the fastpass location is there. Is this correct?


It is by the flag pole across from the train station in town square.

Is that also the FP location for the MSEP? I’ve heard that the light from the train station can be distracting. Any insight into whether Disney might move the FP location for parades back to the Hub now that construction is complete?

I think this area works and people would tend to “camp out” in the hub- so it most likely will stay. You never know- they may move it to the hub tomorrow. I believe it is the same area for MSEP. I think it may be a purposeful design that the parade area is not a good Wishes view and the Wishs FP area is not a great parade view (although I think the potential for a view is better from the Wishes area).

Thank you!

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