Festival of Fantasy Dining package

I tried booking the Festival of Fantasy Dining package, but it is unavailable December 18th to 31st. Of course, my dates are the 17th to the 26th. Anybody have any idea why they wouldn’t have the package during those times?

Most likely FoF will not be running on most if not all of those dates. The Christams parade will begin to run around the holiday.

Yes after the last Christmas party FoF is replaced with the Christmas parade.

Festival of Fantasy is running those days. it’s just that the package is not available. maybe they are booked?
MVMCP runs thru 22 Dec. Christmas parade won’t be available to general public until 23 Dec.

I personally would not do a FoF Dining Package. It is totally unnecessary as great spots can be had all along the parade route without extended time periods of claiming a seat


Thank you for all the feedback.I’m hoping its going to be running. I normally wouldn’t book the package, but I’m worried about crowd levels during the holidays. This is our fist December trip. I’m trying to plan as much as possible in order to avoid times when we were can’t see or do something because of the crowds.