Festival of Arts - Solo?

I just booked a last minute trip, staying off property, my thought was no parks but going for warmer weather. I’m on the fence about getting a 1 day ticket to Epcot for the festival. My last trip to WDW was 2 years ago I was able to make it to the last day of the F&W something I always wanted to do, but it was kind of a let down. Obviously I couldn’t try everything going by myself and the crowd level high. So looking for feedback to go or suggestions for planning something else? My other plans are Disney Springs, the outlet and possibly Citywalk. Thanks

I know nothing from experience (last time we went was 8 years ago), so take this with several grains of salt. BUT, I would make a TP and check the wait times. The CLs went way up after I’d made my plans (we’ll be in DW 1/18-24), but my wait times didn’t go up much at all. I would think you could see a lot of Epcot in one day if you want!

Good luck and have fun!

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I am taking the artist in the family to this festival next year just her and me. Two days in Epcot and we are very excited.