Fellow Liners, YouTubers & Bloggers

Has anyone ever met a fellow Liner at the parks, or ran into a blogger they follow or someone they watch on YouTube? I’ve watched SO many videos prepping for our big trip, I feel like I know these people personally! I’m worried I’m gonna see someone at the parks and run up to them and be all like “oh hey how are you?!” and forget that they don’t know me and I don’t really know them in real life! lol


Have met bunches of Liners, all by prearrangement though.

I did meet Mike Rahlmann of Be Our Guest Podcast/Be Our Guest Lizards on the fly as he exited Everest during the WDW Marathon. I got a selfie with him!

I am always on the lookout for my favorite podcast/vlog/blog people.


Also I would totally fangirl if I saw any of the Dis people.


We met Josh from the WDW couple, he was very nice. We also met the Brian and Carmen from the Adventures of Peas and Carrots, they gave us little buttons for saying hi!

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omg I LOVE the Dis folks! I would be so stoked if I met any of them. There are so many great boggers out there that would be fun to meet!

I ran into Lou Mongello at Capt. Cooks one morning and went over to say hello just to show my kids that it’s no big deal to say hi as long as you are friendly, brief and respectful of someone’s possible desire for privacy.
The night before at the Grand Flo, we ran into a “youtuber” that they follow and they were to shy to stop and say hello.

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I’ve met probably several dozen Liners over the years; some pre-arranged meets, some impromptu.


I’ve run into The Tim Tracker and Adam Hattan. I really want to run into the guys from This Orlando Life.


Me too, well not fangirl but I would be excited.

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it would be a highlight of my trip if I saw anyone in a Touring Plans T Shirt, even if they only ones I’d recognize immediately are Brian, Angela, and Len.

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I have meet Liners in the park. I have met Niter, Steve of England, and Pod among others.

And I have met many at liner meets in NYC.

We saw YouTubers Dan and Phil at HS a few years ago and my DD freaked out. I convinced her to go up and talk to them which she did. They were very fun and gracious about it and let us take photos.

If you want to be recognized:


Too bad we head out tomorrow…

On my last trip I ran into Brian from TP. Went over to say hi as we were both waiting to be let in for Disney’s Early Morning Magic. Happened to be the day he was shooting his video. Super nice guy, also much taller than I expected LOL, talked for a few before they opened the park. Ran into him a couple more times during the event and shared a few thoughts. I know that he and Angela like to meet people while at the parks.

Also saw Tom Corless from WDWNT earlier this year. Did not get a chance to stop though.

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I met Guy, TP’s Disneyland guy, out at DLR a few years back during a scheduled meet, and a few other people as well - didn’t know we were called liners back then.

I also met @Wahoohokie a week ago in a semi-arranged meet. We knew we were both in the same park for part of a day and coordinated the meetup on the fly.

I also met “The Legend” from the In the Loop podcast a few years back. (ITL is a non-Disney specific theme and amusement park podcast).

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