Feeling like a newbie Planning questions

Feeling like a newbie. I had planned a trip for last May with my family & my parents that got cancelled - I actually felt like a newbie then too because there was a lot new since my previous trip, but now I’m just completely lost and looking for some direction.

Now looking to rebook as I’ve had the vaccine and my parents are both older than 75 so they’re in line for the vaccine soon too. They actually will hopefully be getting it in the next few weeks. My daughter is still in school but we have February & April breaks (rather than a March spring break) and this year for the first time that I can remember, her April break is not near Easter, so I’m planning to go April 17-25 (will spend a couple days at Universal too). It’s not super close, but it’s definitely a lot closer than I’ve ever planned a WDW trip. So where do I start? I’m nervous to go ahead and book until I’m sure my parents are getting the vaccine in time, but I have been looking. I rented DVC points last year so I’ll be using those points for the trip (or I would definitely be using a TA this time!!)

When should I make reservations for the parks? Now? I’m thinking of avoiding DHS on the weekend (& maybe MK too?) and other than that using TP crowd calendar as a guide?? Is there any advice regarding which days to do which parks?
And we could hop to Epcot (or another park) for a late lunch or dinner, right? After two? Would we be able to count on getting in?

What else should I be doing? Or have already done? !:grimacing:

HS on a Sunday is fine, actually. One of the lowest crowd days for HS. Epcot is the one to avoid on weekends and Fridays due to the festivals, if possible.


I already have reservations for each park for a trip planned in December. You can always change it later - based on availability. (DHS is the only park that often “sells out”, but WDW keeps adding more reservations.)

DHS is fine on the weekend. It’s busy everyday. You might as well go there on the weekend and “save” lower attended weekdays for the other parks.

In general, a lot of the standard TP advice still applies. MK is slower on Tuesdays & Thursdays and Epcot is best midweek. AK you can go to most days with few issues.

You can hop to Epcot or any park(s) after 2pm. You are not limited to hopping to just one park. There have been no issues from any one here or other sources that I follow having issues park hopping. I follow a few vloggers who have done all 4 parks in a day now.

At this point just start figuring out your ADRs as they are now open at 60 days in advance - not 180. The most popular places are still popular and now you have Star Wars places as well.

(And remember just because you are vaccinated doesn’t mean you don’t have to wear a mask or follow WDW’s physical distancing policies. The vaccine only protects you. You can still carry COVID and give it to others. :smiley:)

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Thank you! This info will help a lot!! I’ve been looking at different crowd calendars for the individual parks and they all seem to contradict each other. But no worries on the mask - I’m a nurse, and I work with covid patients, so not only do I intend to keep wearing my mask in public, but I also actually find it a relief from the gear I have to wear at work, lol!