Feeling dumb and confused. Genie+ LL and stacking

I have read a bunch of the threads on Genie +, LL and stacking and I am more confused then ever. First, what is BG1? Second, can you book a GENIE+ LL and an LL at the same time? Like, can I have Genie for Jungle Cruise booked at 10:00am and also have SDMT booked at 11:00am as well? Third, can someone explain stacking to me like I am a 7 year old because I am totally not understanding how you be able to stack anything with the 2 hour rules.I just need to have it broken down in the simplest form… Thanks!

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It might be good to start with some touring plans blogs and videos. There are several—here are a few examples.

  1. BG1 is an simplified interface for booking G+ attractions as well as the VQ, instructions are found in the La Cava section of this forum.

  2. Yes you can book LL’s & ILL’s at the same time. Purchasing Individual Lightning Lane attractions are completely separate from the Genie+ (LL) attraction package. Return times can overlap, even LL to LL return times.

  3. Stacking is most beneficial if you won’t be entering a park til the afternoon or evening. You can basically schedule 3-5 attractions (with later return times) before you enter the park. Remember, overlapping return times is fine. It’s only the booking part you need to wait 2 hours in between for.


Thank you so much! I am sure I am making this way more complicated than I need too.

Haha its a possibility :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BUT, Disney gets the blame for most of the complications!