Feel of Room Size Difference Between Levels of Rooms

I wondered if anyone could comment on the difference in size of the room as far as space goes between 1. POR-Royal Room and WL and 2. WL and BWI. I wondered if the difference of ?27 sq. ft between POR and WL really feels very different and how the difference “feels” as far as being cramped (for 4 people) between the approx. 40 sq. ft. difference of BWI and WL.

I have stayed at POR and WL. The room did not feel bigger at WL.

We did POR and AKL and the room also didn’t feel bigger, other than the fact that there was now a balcony.

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I felt like WL was a tad roomier then POR just because I could park the stroller in the bathroom area or on the balcony… Silly I know but it helped. Other then that they feel pretty much the same :slight_smile: I still enjoy WL over POR :slight_smile:

Thanks all! Super helpful. I figured the 27 or so sq.ft between POR and WL wouldn’t feel too different but the balcony sounds super and the sink are looks a bit roomier. I guess the jump to other deluxes like BWI or BC would feel bigger but with a bigger $ too.


I have stayed at all three and I think the room size ( even the rooms for 5) do not feel much larger. The only rooms I would say I could were much larger were Poly.