Feedback please on 7/5-7/9 trip

mother (me) - daughter (15) trip staying at boardwalk inn with hoppers and dining plan. rough outline below. all ADRs have been secured. would love feedback on plans and FP selections. thanks

Arrival - 10am arrival at airport, reservation at 1 for Be Our Guest then spending rest of day at MK (5/6)- FP plan - seven dwarfs for 2pm, Peter Pan for 4pm, Space Mountain for 5pm want to see parade and fireworks

7/6 - AK in AM for EMH (8/8) - FP plan - FoP 9am, Safaris 10am, Kali 11am , Cape May dinner at 5:30 and then late evening at Epcot (5/8) for world showcase only FP plan - frozen ever after 8pm, want to see Epcot Forever

7/7 - HS rope drop (4/7) FP plan - SDD 9am, Frozen sing along 10:30, Star Tours 11:30, Beaches and Cream out of pocket at 2pm, return to HS around 4pm, Story Book Dining at 8pm

7/8 - water park in AM then evening in Epcot (4/7) either Chef de France (not accepting DDP as of now) at 5:00 or Teppan Edo at 7:30 FP plan - Test Track 3:30, Mission Space 4:30, Nemo 5:30

7/9 - departure day Bon Voyage Breakfast at 8am and then MK until 4 (6/6) FP plan - BTMR 11am, Buzz 12, Pooh 1pm 9pm flight

Sounds like fun, but be prepared to not be able to get fast passes at those exact times, or at all in some cases. Definitely plan a backup plan. Some of your FP’s overlap, for example a FP for Frozen sing along at 10:30 will lock out FP for 10:30 to 11:30 so your Star Tours FP would not start until after 11:30. You probably already know this, and just working with rough time frames. The big thing is having a plan B if you’re not able to get the FP’s you want.

I would flip the star tours and the frozen sing along. I would say the main goal at HS is use your first 3 FPs as quickly as possible so you can keep picking up other tier 1 rides

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