Feedback on Touring Plans - MK/AK/HS - Draft Versions

We’ll be at WDW July 6-13, 4 adults, 2 teenagers. Would like your thoughts on my preliminary touring plans for the parks we will visit.


Rope Drop opening
Primeval Whirl
FP Everest at 10:15am
At tap in, modify timing of next FP if possible
Ride Everest again in standby line if less than 30 mins
FP Flight of Passage at 11:25am
Lunch at Satuli Canteen
Navi River (if less than 1 hour wait time)
FP Kali River Rapids at 1:40pm
At Tap in look for next available FP’s
Bugs Life
Maybe catch a show
Leave park around 5pm - back to hotel AoA
Swim/shower - get ready for dinner at Boma at 7:30pm
Should we go back to the park to see closing show?

HS 1st Day:

Rope Drop Opening
ToT Standby
RnRC Standby
Cars Lightening McQueen show (new attraction)
FP Toy Story Mania at 10:15-11:15 am
Lunch around 11:00-11:30am
FP RnRC 12:05 - 1:05
FP ToT 1:05 - 2:05
Check any available FP’s after that
Catch a show to get our of the heat between 2:30 - 4:30 - Just not sure what to see?
Dinner at Mama Melrose - reservation 5pm
Back touring park as of 7pm - no plans - will try and use FP’s if any available
We’ve already see Fantasmic many times so will skip that show
But haven’t seen the Star Wars Show at 9:30 yet, so will likely do that

MK 1st Day:

Rope Drop Opening
Splash Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain
FP Big Thunder Mountain 9:45-10:45am
FP Space Mountain 10:45-11:45am
Buzz Lightyear
Lunch around 11:30-Noon
FP 7 Dwarfs Mine Train 1:15-2:15pm
Try and get FP’s for other rides/attractions to get our of the heat between 2-5pm
Dinner at Crystal Palace 5:15pm
Nothing specific to do at park from 7-10pm
Walk around - watch the fireworks show at 10pm

These are my main plans. I also have a day at Epcot, but that’s an easy park to plan for. Also have 2 other 1/2 days at HS and MK but they are just shorter versions of the plans already above.

So, does this make sense? Any thoughts on what I’m missing, any recommendations?

These definitely make sense - just a few comments

On your AK day I think it would be more efficient to start with a ride on EE and then do Dinosaur and PW and then return to EE - more walking but less waiting. After Boma I wouldn’t return for the evening show - would mean rushing dinner and I don’t think the show is worth it.

On HS I see you are not doing SDD. We’ve not done it (2 adults and 3 teenagers) but will do it when we are there in June - although a family coaster I see lots of reports saying it is great fun.

MK day looks great, with flexibility in the afternoon to choose the rides.

Given that it’s July you will need to manage the heat and thunderstorms - we would find it difficult to do 3 full days in the park with no afternoon breaks , but sounds like you have been many times so you know what you can manage

Sounds like you are going to have a great trip

Because Splash is such a long ride, it might make sense to do Big Thunder first. That way the line for your second ride won’t have as much time to build.

If you aren’t leaving AK until 5:00, there’s no way you’ll make it back to AoA to swim and shower and get to Boma by 7:30. I’d plan on at least 45 minutes to wait on a bus to arrive, travel time to resort, and then walk back to your room and another 45 minutes to get a bus back to AK and then another bus to AKL to get to Boma. Even with an uber, I think you’d be really pressed for time.

For DHS I would go for the Indy stunt show as a way to get out of the sun. Star Tours and / or Muppets are on that side of the park too.

I agree about getting back to AoA for a swim and then Boma. But since you have nothing set for the afternoon really, you could either leave earlier, or just go straight to AKL. Take some time to watch the animals, or look around the resort. The CMs are amazing there. Victoria Falls is also one of my favourite lounges anywhere at WDW.