Feedback on planned park days, please :)

Looking for any feedback or thoughts on my planned park days for next week.

Currently have reserved -
Sunday - AK
Monday - HS
Tuesday - MK
Wednesday - Epcot
Thursday - HS
Friday - MK
Saturday - AK

Not sure if I should switch Friday/Saturday - is having AK on 2 weekend days a bad idea? And is HS a better shot on Tuesday (vs. Monday)? Does it even matter?! Idk! We had booked after reading all the low crowd reports, but now it’s seems to be going in the opposite direction. My family’s last trip was in September of 2019, right after the hurricane and 2 days after SWGE opening. Low (lowwwwww) crowds, and we basically used fast passes all day to walk right on to whatever ride we wanted to the entire trip. It was a dream trip. Nervous this will be far in the opposite direction :weary:


I think your days look great! I would keep your days as is- with your two AK days on weekends- because there aren’t that many rides. If you were really determined, you could probably do all of AK in ONE weekend day, so I think you’ll have more than enough time with two weekend days. Have fun!


I think it looks great. I think the HS days are fine. And I wouldn’t switch MK and AK. We found MK on a Saturday last month to be crazy.


I agree with two previous comments.


Thanks everyone! Going to leave as is :slight_smile: