Feedback on our plans please

Ok so we are arriving on the 14th October around 6pm from Australia so far our plans are for park full days and these adr’s in those parks
15th animal kingdom - tusker house b/fast 10.25
16th Epcot garden grill 6pm
17th Kennedy space centre tour through greyline
18th DHS Hollywood and vine fantasmic 4.30pm
19th mk all day really wanted wishes but can’t get that so have ended up with crystal palace lunch thought it would be a good break
20th Ohana breakfast 9.50 then maybe Dtd for a while? mNSSHP at 4
21st/22nd universal ioa 2 park 2 day plan
We have a day left on both our disney and universal tickets so am not sure whether to hit up universal again on the Friday as we have photo pass 3 day which must be 3 days in a row and chef mickeys 8pm Friday night and then not sure which park we should do on the Saturday I was thinking maybe we could wait and see what we liked best?
Sunday 25th 1900 park fare 9.25 flight home leaves at 6.25
We are staying at holiday inn Dtd they have free shuttles to wdw parks and also can send park purchases back tour hotel
It’s me and my ds 15 travelling for my birthday on the 20th

You have some nice dining plans. Will you grab something to eat at DTD before the party, or take party time to find something?

I don’t really want to use much party time, we don’t have Halloween here so want to make the most of the experience

Oh and on the 17th I booked trex at Dtd for 8pm

Then if you are at all hungry I would suggest stopping at Earl of Sandwhich or Wolfgang a Puck Express, or even the food trucks at DTD. There are limited choices for meals later on during the party ( but plenty of snacks).

Hi, @V_nessa1. Looks like a great trip! I am thinking that you will need more than 1 day at EPCOT, which could be Saturday, the 24th.

Yeah I did think so, only we aren’t really into food and wine stuff, ok I’m into wine and was worried about whether Saturday crowds would make it hard

Exciting, your trip is getting closer.
19th October - you’ve got yourself at MK. That looks like it’s an Extra morning Magic Hour morning for resort guests - so bear in mind that the park will be already busy when you arrive there. Your top rides - space, 7 dwarves, splash, peter pan etc will already have high wait times at 9.00am. Looking at your dates for the other parks and tickets, not much avoiding that as I can’t see any room for you to swap the days around. I’d make your FP for the morning though, giving you some more time for extras in the afternoon.

So maybe that extra day you might want to Rope Drop MK on the 23rd, to experience the lower wait times on a lot of the rides - it’s also a crowd level 4 that day. You could then head over to Uni in the afternoon if you wanted to do more over there - we found the night time waits were minimal over there and the parks no where near as busy as Disney. We did find that 2 days there was enough though. But your 15 year old might enjoy some of the bigger coasters if he’s that way inclined!

Have all the fun!

Thanks, I’ve been trying to push my son for his preference on what to do and not getting far. But I do think universal may be closing early while I’m there for Halloween nights which from what I’ve read are a little bit more full on so was hoping to avoid

So hard to know what they’ll like until you’re there, I agree.
What sort of rides does he like here?
Each of the parks has something awesome, so it depends on the fave. From a ride perspective - Magic Kingdom has the most to choose from, although they aren’t as extreme as the coaster and AK and HS…
We loved MK the best. It was the park we felt we got the most done in each time we were there across a cross section of things.

He’s done most of the rides in disneyland, well the ones that were open when we were there. He begged to go on screaming, we did and I think it was more than he thought but I’m guessing now he’s done that he’ll think he can do anything. Hes more worried about dinosaurs that jump out and scare the s*** out of him on rides. I’ll see how we go at this stage I guess

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