Feedback on my itinerary/strategy! ADRs tomorrow!

I apologize in advance for any typos or random inadvertent autocorrects as I do this on my iPad w/ bluetooth keyboard! Thanks for any input, you guys are amazing Disney resources!!

Good morning everyone!
OK I am at 181 days out, so tomorrow morning @ 5 am (my time, CST) is ADR time for me, eeeek! So excited/ready to get it done lol.
I was hoping to get thoughts on my “rough draft” for our trip. Feedback is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Sunday 11/27:
We arrive at MCO @ 8:00 pm, staying that night in the Hyatt Regency in MCO so we just have to go upstairs/shower/go to bed. The kids are RIDICULOUSLY excited about seeing this hotel, lol.

Monday 11/28:
Being picked up in the morning (haven’t set exact time yet but probably 8-ish am, we use Happy Limo). We will go straight to Wilderness Lodge for checkin, and have bell services hold our bags if our room isn’t ready that early (which I don’t expect it to be). We’re hoping to leave WL between 9-9:30 to head to Animal Kingdom for roughly a 10 am arrival. We will already have had a quick breakfast in our hotel room at MCO so no stops for breakfast.
Thoughts on Tusker House lunch at AK?
AK to-do list:
-Kilimanjaro Safari
-Triceratop Spin
-Kali River Rapids (if weather permits, it’s November 28 so who knows, lol)
-MAYBE Everest if the kids want to and if it isn’t a huge SB wait
We will probably have lunch at AK, then finish whatever we haven’t hit on our to-do list then leave. This is only going to be a half-day type park for us this trip. Although we want to see it, it just isn’t as high priority for us as the other three parks.

Afternoon - we will head to MK
I know Mondays are typically busier at MK and this day is predicted at at CL7 but evenings at MK (and CP dinner) are a first day tradition for us lol…we have to. And I expect crowded to die down a bit in the evening. We also want to catch MSEP this night.
Thinking that since AK is a CL1 this day we will save our FPP for MK

Tuesday 11/29
MK (CL2) - Either RD or pre-RD breakfast…hoping for the BOG breakfast option but we will see tomorrow morning how that works out.
Going to hit some favorite rides this morning, hopefully 7DMT via SB line if it isn’t crazy and some others.
Epcot (CL2) - we will hop on the monorail and head this way around lunchtime or so. Thinking of getting the CLP dining package when it is released, this would be our first CLP experience and based on what I’ve read we want the guaranteed seating. Thinking Biergarten perhaps, but not sure because we love Akershus (but I don’t think they offer CLP dining w/ Akershus do they?).
Here’s where it gets tricky…FPP for Epcot. TT is a must do for us and I KNOW my daughter will want to check out the new Frozen ride (I do too!)…(A&E meet and greet isn’t priority, we’ve done it before and she’d rather not wait in a line for them), but we also want to do Soarin’. I know, the big 3 and they’re ALL tier 1. Which means FPP for one of them, I have no idea what to use the others on. What does everybody think - FPP for Soarin’? SB for TT and Frozen?
Lastly, we plan on staying for Illuminations after CLP.

Wednesday 11/30
HS (CL1) -all day
We will probably make RD here and plan to have a H&V breakfast.
HS to-do list:
-Jedi Training
-Tower of Terror (maybe!)
-Star Tours
-One Man’s Dream
-Muppet Vision
-Star Wars Launch bay character greetings
QUESTION…should we make RD with plans to go straight to Jedi Training signup, and have a later morning H&V breakfast (like 10 am) or do a Pre-RD ADR in hopes that they’ll let us sign up for Jedi before we get to breakfast? I’ve heard of this happening too. We have gotten Jedi training in the past so I’m familiar w/ the process, but unsure of which of these options would be better.

We’ll do quick lunch/dinner at HS, love the dockside diner. Anyone know details on the Star Wars fireworks? We want to see that and Fantasmic!

Thursday 12/1
MK (CL1)
-Pre-RD breakfast at BOG (if I can’t get it for 11/29), hopefully.
This will be a MK all day/back at hotel/maybe swimming if weather permits day.
Planning for O’hana dinner around MK closing time (7pm, this is a MVMCP night)

Friday 12/2 - Doing MVMCP tonight
Undecided but one of these plans:

-HS (CL4) morning w/ TSMM, Star Tours & one more FPP
-MK (CL2) after lunch, followed by MVMCP this night
-MK all day followed by MVMCP

We want to do a Whispering Canyon lunch or dinner and this may be the best day for it since it’s a quick boat ride from MK and at our hotel.

Saturday 12/3 - Departure day :weary:
Check out of WL between 10-11
-Later breakfast at WCC, since it’s downstairs - can’t beat that commute - and we love it

Our flight from MCO back home isn’t until 5:35 pm so we have plenty of time before our car picks us up to resort hop the MK resorts and do pressed pennies (something the kids LOVE) and maybe get one last Dole Whip at Poly :blush:

How many are in your party? I can check to see if there is a Pre-RD BOG ressie if you would like.

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4 - 2 adults, 2 kids! Thanks! I’m nervous lol…

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I’m not seeing any Pre-RD BOG breakfasts for either morning. There are no breakfast times on the 29th and the earliest breakfast as of when I checked was at 9:10 for a party of 4.

Don’t lose hope for it though. I would set up a reservation finder for both days and hopefully something will pop open. :slight_smile:

Oh no, really?! I really thought there would be something. Thank you so much for looking! It’s so frustrating, how does one get these reservations… :pensive:
What about Friday 12/3 (if you don’t mind checking!). I thought it would be less likely for my 180 day but maybe not 180+…

As of right now, there is an 8:05 ressie for the 3rd. Who knows when it will go away though but it is possible.

I did some more checking and there are several BOG lunch opportunities on the 3rd. If you didn’t go into a park on your MVMCP day (until 4 to use the party ticket), then you could save that entry day for the 3rd to have lunch there.

I have a strong feeling that had I not started my vacation on 11/26, I would be in the same boat as you are. Fear not, not all restaurants are that hard to get into. Also, after you set up all your other reservations online, you can call. Perhaps a live castmember will be of more help.

I hear you! We go roughly the same time each year, expect last year we went a bit later in December (just by a week or so). I’ve always gotten what I want but never tried for BOG breakfast! I expected it to be hard to get into but was holding out hope that we’d get it pre-RD. We’re considering just making it to RD if we can’t get this (but still trying for it up to the date). Maybe even a Crystal Palace pre-RD, we love that place. Thank you so much for checking! I have my search set up in the res finder and will keep my fingers crossed!

Why not use DME?

If they don’t want to, consider taking turns using single rider line!

What? No FotLK?!?!?!

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I would FPP Soarin, consider single rider TT (how old are your kids?), and Frozen later in the night?

I would do later morning reservation.

We may use DME, not at all opposed to it, LOL. We’ve just used HL every year for the past 5 years, first time based on recommendation from a friend and we were so happy it’s become our go-to. They are waiting for us at airport, get us to the car in no time and we are on our way to WL in minutes, it’s been great and efficient every time! We get to the WL about half an hour after leaving MCO! I’ve heard both good and bad on the quickness/efficiency of DME, what are thoughts?

Why burn up a park ticket when you have a party ticket that will get you in at 4p? I would make this a slow and easy day, relaxing at resort or maybe DS so you can party hard all night!


Festival of Lion King! I forgot - I will probably work that into our plans too, thank you! I’ve heard amazing reviews! See… AK newbie here lol.

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You make a good point…definitely considering that option too. I had your same thought about burning up a park ticket! I should mention we have PH so we can get in before 4 even if we choose. This day is hard b/c we/the kids maaaaay want to do TSMM again which is why we’re considering a few hours at HS in the am.

For me it’s just part of the trip and we look forward to it. It’s also far more affordable than any other car service. And really, I don’t think private car saves you an amount of time that is worth its cost. But “value” means different things to different people, and if you see value in the private car, by all means go for it :slight_smile:

We have considered trying DME for that very reason (part of the experience)! Can you give me some insight as to how long it typically takes to get to your resort once they pick you up? WL specifically? Does the bus stop at multiple resorts on the way to yours?

Wow @OBNurseNH - thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback so far!! :smiley:

Wheels down to resort - any resort, really, as they break them up according to area - is about 2 hours. Which is longer than you’re talking by about an hourish figuring the time it takes you do deplane/restroom/walk to DME. YMMV since you’d be leaving from Hyatt. I’d figure a good hour from arrival at DME to resort.

ETA Most buses do stop at more than one resort. Never can say which one will be first. On the one hand it’s nice to be first, on the other hand it’s nice to have a sneak peek at other places (albeit just the front door)

Sorry, I am starting at threads- bottom up- and answered on your other post!