Feedback on Itinerary with Club Level Fast Passes

We are planning to stay at the Yacht Club in Club Level in early March 2020, and we plan to take advantage of the 3 additional FPs available for purchase on all 5 of our full park days. We do have Park Hopper, because I like having the option to park hop (but we have rarely taken advantage of it in the past), so we are looking at using all 6 FPs in the same park each day. Here is our rough itinerary, and I would appreciate any feedback you Disney experts have on any and all of it. :slight_smile:

One of my big dilemmas is this - my 7 year old said he would never ride ToT or RnR again after last time, but he loves thrills, and I’m afraid if I don’t book them, he will change his mind and be disappointed if we don’t have FPs. Do you think we should book something else instead and take the chance of standby line in the event he changes his mind? If so, what would you change it to? I was considering dropping RnR, Beauty Show, and ToT on Day 4 moving Star Tours earlier in the day, and then trying to hit Epcot after the Droids. There, we would probably do Soarin’ and Test Track and maybe Nemo?

Also, would you keep the 8:00am Hollywood & Vine breakfast? We have liked that one in the past, but I guess with all the early openings of HS because of Galaxy’s Edge, it won’t get us in the park any earlier than the crowds, so I don’t know if it is worth it. The characters were very slow to make their way around last year.

Day 1 - Arrival
Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, 7DMT
*Dinner Suggestions in Park or at Resort?

Day 2 - MK
-CRT Breakfast (8:00A)
7DMT, Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise
-BOG Lunch
Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain
-HDD Revue Dinner

Day 3 - AK
Safari, Na’vi, FOP, Everest
-Tusker Lunch
Nemo Show, Dinosaur
-Spirit of Aloha Dinner

Day 4 - HS
Mania, Slinky, RnR, Beauty Show, ToT
-Oga’s Cantina
-Droid Making
Star Tours

Day 5 - Epcot
Spaceship, Mission, Test Track, Living w/ Land,
-Garden Grill Lunch
Soarin’, Frozen

Day 6 - HS
-H&V Breakfast (8:00A)
RnR, Star Tours, Indiana Jones
-50s Prime Time Lunch
Mania, Saucers
-Light Sabers
-Cape May Cafe Dinner

Day 7 - Departure
-Cape May Cafe Breakfast

I would book the thrill rides and take the standby risk (nearly all but three attractions end up with same day FP availability).

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Who is going? Are you on your own with him, or is there another adult?

I would book the thrill rides using the Club Level FPs for the “big” ones.

If he doesn’t want to ride, then either use rider switch or just adults go through the FP line separately. Or, if there’s just you and DS, then skip the ride where necessary.

The reason for using the CL FPs for the big thrill rides is that if you don’t use them, then it won’t stop you from booking further FPs if you want to. So where possible you would book the regular FPs first, being the tamer things. Then the CL ones afterwards.

Obviously for Pandora that won’t work, you would want Navii and FoP close together, but generally it should be possible.

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