Feedback on Genie+ plan, please

We are going in May. At this time, crowd calendars show low levels for each park.

We are just going to RD RoTR and wait in lines for the other Star Wars rides at HS. Smugglers Run is showing a 43 minute wait at 10, Star Tours a 13 minute wait at 11:30. We’ll just deal with that. We are pretty much only spending time in the Star Wars stuff. We’ve never been to HS (well since the '80s) and we are huge SW fans.

For Epcot, RD Remy then Soarin is a 43 minute wait at 11:45. Might skip it. Who knows. Will skip Frozen too if the line is long. We want to spend our time that day checking out the Flower and Garden stuff.

I don’t feel like the extra money for Genie+ these two days will be worth it.

For MK, definitely getting Genie+.

Here’s the touring plans times for the Genie+ rides:
RD Seven Dwarfs
9:30 Peter Pan
11:14 Jungle Cruise
1:00 Thunder
3:37 Haunted Mansion
6:53 Space Mountain (30 min projected wait, kinda don’t believe it)

Nothing else has a long wait time.

My plan is to try for an 11am LL for Jungle Cruise at 7.
Then I’m not sure what I should do at 9.

It seems like it won’t be hard to get Space later in the day if I keep checking.

I would love some help with a strategy.

I’m an obsessive planner. Touring Plans has been spot on for us in the past. I don’t mind being flexible when we’re in the park but I like having a plan.

If you don’t mind waiting in those lines at HS I’d say you’re fine without G+ and it’s not necessary at Epcot either. One thing to note about it at MK is that your 2nd LL is available to book 2 hours after the park opens, not 9am (unless the park opens at 7). I think grabbing JC first is the best idea and then just roll with the soonest available time for other rides. I wouldn’t wait too late in the day for that SM one though.

Thank you. I did not know it was two hours after park opens, not 2 hours later.

So it’s 9 am, not 8:30 for the people who are staying on property for #2?

I also would have been happy to pay extra for SM so I’m bummed they took that off ILL. To me it seemed like a perk of being on property to try to snag one earlier.

It’s 2 hours after official park opening time. So if the schedule says 9am, the next LL wouldn’t be bookable until 11am for everyone, regardless of whether they were onsite or not (unless of course they had a return time before 11am for that first LL they got at 7am).

Ok, I think it’s too risky to try to grab a Peter Pan LL for like 9:30 then try to get a Jungle Cruise.
The line for Peter Pan won’t be too bad. Or we’ll go to Small World and Haunted Mansion in the morning then Peter Pan later in the day with LL.

Thanks! I did not know that so that’s very helpful to know.

You’re welcome. There are 2 mega Genie+ threads on here that have alllllllllll the tips and tricks in the first post that they update regularly. If you find them and read the first posts you should ‘known it all’ afterwards.

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For clarity: onsite/offsite are identical for G+.

It’s $ILL where there’s a difference.