Feedback on FEA Illuminations Party?

Trying to decide whether to take my party of 4 (DS6 and DD8) to this in July. We plan to spend the morning in HS, midday break, and EP in evening. However, I have no idea how long/late we will last in EP and don’t know if we might want flexiblity to hit more rides instead of spending an hour at a dessert party. Looking for feedback on this even, esp. with kids? I’ve heard Illuminations is one of the less exciting shows for little ones, but I know its closing soon.

We did this a couple of weeks ago, with DD5. She loved IllumiNations (and I will freely admit to shedding a few tears since it was my last chance to see it before it disappears), especially with the special Frozen glasses, which are now in our Owners Locker since she wants to try them with other fireworks too. The dessert party had a lot of great options, both sweet and a couple of savory. Our table was right up against the railing, so we had a great view. After it ended, we were escorted to Frozen by a CM, and walked straight onto the ride. It is a pretty late night for little ones though - we stayed at the Beach Club Villas so walked straight back after Frozen. We got to our villa at almost exactly 10pm.

We’d definitely do it again, but I would plan a late morning the following day - we had nothing planned before lunch and this worked out perfectly.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: .

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Thank you, it does! We are scheduled to do EMH at MK the next morning, so you make a good point about being mindful of that. On the other hand, doing so (late night and early morning) might help encourage the mid-day nap after EMH. :slight_smile: