Feedback - AK touring plans

Any feedback/suggestions on my 2 days in AK? I have a 3rd day set aside for AK and currently nothing on that plan, so anything that gets missed from these plans due to lack of time will get bumped onto the 3rd day

Day 1

Day 2

2 adults and a toddler. Have put in what fast passes I want to try and get and pace is set as relaxed…

I think your plans look pretty good. Nice choice on dinner at Y&Y! It is delicious!

My family tended to spend a bit more time than TP allocated to the trails. I think we spent a good hour between the Oasis Exhibits and the Discovery Island Trails. 10 minutes in The Boneyard is doable if you’re cutting the toddler off but my kids could have spent an hour or two in there easily. It may have been one of my 2 and 4 y/os favorite things in all of AK.

The plan is to have one adult swapping in and out with toddler in boneyard while we do some rider swaps but can’t reqlly reflect that in the plan easily.

Might increase time on the trails. Can’t remember how long we spent last time. Toddler will either linger or just run through them!

Oh ok! Well then that sounds like a great plan!

I made some changes and was on a copy of the plan (I think) so links above might not be accurate

Here is my plans again
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 3 is really about getting some FP booked and will be changed a fair bit as will most likely be whatever we haven’t done in previous days or want to do again. I’m also aware there is no breaks or food in that one yet, again I think it’ll be added as we go for snacks etc that we liked or haven’t tried yet

Welcome any more suggestions/comments/snacks etc