February weather & hotel pools

We are planning on going to Disney February 7-16, 2018. I know that the pools at the hotels are heated, but just curious for those of you that have been there this time of year if the weather was okay for a pool day? I’m planning on some lounge days at the hotel & I didn’t want it to be too cold outside to enjoy the pool…

We went President’s week this year and we went swimming every day. Of course the weather can change year to year.

We went around 3 times in late January or early February and were able to swim each trip. Although a lot is based on your cold tolerance - the heated water was fine, but it was often quite chilly coming out. But the weather is highly variable that time of year so it just depends on what weather you catch for your trip.

It’s probably a 50-50 chance and will depend on the day. We went the last week in January of 2015. Our first and last days were somewhat warm, but I’m not sure if I would have spent much time lounging by the pool. Swimming or hot tubbing, yes, but “tanning” or just sunbathing probably not.

We also went mid-February of 1999 and it was 90+ degrees every day. So Orlando winters are all over the place!

We were there January 28-February 5th and we ranged from highs in the low 50s with rain to sunny and 83. Out of that week, I think there were maybe 2 days that I would have been willing to jump in the pool and we’re from the northwest and are used to cold and wet. But as others have said, it depends on the year and the weather patterns. I think the week before and the week after we were there they had days up near 90.