February trip?

Anyone had any experience with a February trip? Will any rides be closed? I figure it will be too cold for pools and such…but i worry i am overlooking something…We were looking at Fall but Galaxy’s Edge has me thinking about postponing…we love Hollywood Studios so if it is a mess that will not work for us…suggestions? tia

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Our family was at Disney this past February. The weather was perfect! We didn’t swim but there were plenty of folks at the pool. Very few rides were closed…mostly at the water park. Stay away from President’s Day weekend. It was crazy busy!

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I have next February (President’s weekend) booked for the third time in four years. KRR is usually closed, and sometimes Splash. It has been pretty warm on my trips and this year it was 85 many days.

We went this February also. Temps ranged from mid-40s the first few days to mid-80s last few days. So I think it’s kind of luck of the draw weather wise but we had near perfect weather this year. We swam towards the end too! Kids didn’t seem freezing either!

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We love going in February and are planning to go again over the Princess Marathon weekend in 2020!!

Here are some dates to know:
2/16 Daytona 500. Not sure if this brings more crowds than usual.
2/17 President’s Day. President’s Day weekend will be crowded because people make it a long vacation weekend. Also the Northeast will have that week off of school.
2/20-2/23 Princess Marathon weekend
2/25 Mardi Gras. New Orleans and some surrounding areas will have that week off of school.
Festival of Arts is also in February but not sure of 2020 dates!!