February Trip - President's Day Weekend Questions

Hey there Mouseketeers,

Myself, my better half and our son will be heading to the mouse house next month for a trip. I have a few questions if anyone would be so kind as to tackle them.

Attire - Has anyone traveled to the D during this week? Typical weather says Highs in the 70’s with Lows in the 50’s. Being from New England, that’s just not that cold. That being said, I lived in San Diego for a few years, so totally understand the 20-30 degree drop after sunset thing. It can feel pretty chilly when the weather swings like that. We only like to travel with one backpack for the 3 of us. Adding fleeces/sweatshirts to the pack is going to take up some space. How’d you deal with this? Also, I’m a hater of jeans. I usually rock cargo pants as my normal pants, but man I love me some sweatpants. Sweats. Should I wear them the parks? Is that too laid back?

Pools - I know the pools are heated. That said, how as the walk back to the room if it’s been in the 70’s when you’ve been at the D when it’s been that cool?

Last, Who’s like me and views the Emporium as a “cool cut” when it blazing hot and you’re at the D?

I would wear your heaviest shirts and pants to board the plane as not to take up space in back pack. In winter we usually tour in pants, T-shirts, and light jackets for evenings. I had to go to Target to buy more shorts this Jan. because I didn’t pack enough, so check the forecast right before you leave. Wear sweats in the park if that is how you’re comfortable. Only formality guidelines are at some TS.

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My DD and I went to the World last year around that same time. Being from MI, the weather was perfect. We wore shorts or capris everyday, had a sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt for after sundown. Right around the 80’s in the day time, which certainly beat the weather back home that week!

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Ha, I was unclear. I meant we only travel with a backpack to the park. Formality for TS is only at the signature restaurants that aren’t in the park, yeah?

With the pools - 70s wasn’t bad. 50s was bracing when you get out - usually the walk after toweling off some isn’t as bad as the shock coming out. You wouldn’t want a slow walk back to the room in the 50s though.

Taking a sweatshirt or jacket on days you knew you’d be at the parks until after sundown was wise. Although it’s always a good excuse to buy that Mickey sweatshirt you had your eye on if you “forget” to bring one that day… :wink:

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My daughter’s first trip to WDW, when she was 5 (2005), was President’s Day week. A disaster. Rain all week. Cold. Pools were not heated to make it even tolerable.
She was miserable. Never again. We go in October. Never had a bad trip.

For the most part, yes. Any of the signature dining I would say to be more prepared for, but the table service in the parks should be fine however you present. There will be a range of people dressed all across the spectrum.

Yeah. Not worried about dress codes really. We have one signature meal, but it’s Le Cellier, so no biggie.

@alocksley I am sorry you had such a bad trip. That’s no fun. I’m hopeful we’ll have a good time. There’s no guarantees when it comes to Mother Nature. After our April then July Trips, we wanted to try the winter. My wife’s a principal, so no chance of traveling at non-vacation times.

Very tricky to predict the temps during Feb/March. We were there last year at this time and I wore shorts everyday, but needed a pullover early in the morning and when the sun went down. Two years ago it was really warm and four years ago it was jeans/jacket weather all day.

Totally makes sense. We’re planning to pack for both situations and worst case will put the little one in shorts under sweats, so as it warms he can take them off. The wife is all about leggings and I plan to rock sweats and cargos (I don’t wear shorts unless absolutely necessary like during JUly 4th week at the Mouse House last year).

Totally get it. I’m a warm blooded southerner, but the trip I mentioned four years ago was cold. I literally wore jeans three days in a row and have not had to do that since. Last year was what I would describe as normal for February. High 60’s low 70’s during the day and temps dropping quickly once the sun went down. Cool morning until the 10:30 am or so. Where are you staying?

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We’re staying at Port Orleans Riverside. We stayed there over July 4th week and loved it.

I asked to answer your pool question. Should be plenty of towels to be had so if its cool you can bundle up.

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