February Priceline Express Deals

Morning Everyone!

I’ve got a new blog post out - nutsy cuckoo PE deals out on some dates in February: $46 Sports, $82 CSR and surprising Dolphin deals!


Thanks for everything you do JJT! Seems I gave up too early! Had been using your worksheets (amazing) and watching PE for a better deal at Sports for Feb 10, 11. The 72 and fees I was seeing came to only 8 total less than Passholder price, so I went ahead and booked Friday through Disney. I should have held out a little longer!

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If those Disney direct reservations are still refundable and it’s worth it to you:

You could try and book the PE deals, link them to your MDE and then cancel the old ones. :slight_smile:

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Do you think if you found a better Priceline Express deal than the current Disney reservation and you are already inside 60 days with FPs booked, it would be smart to book the Priceline deal, get it in MDE, and then modify (rather than cancel) the existing Disney reservation to the future to possibly retain the FP?

From all reports I’ve seen, as long as you have ticket media and a resort reservation linked FPPs should be fine.

I would just be sure to link the PE deal reservation before removing the Disney resort reservations. Of course, it’s up to you whether the savings you’d get is worth the work. :slight_smile:

Don’t know about you all, but I’d sure like to stay at Yacht Club for $191! Dates: 2/2-2/4. https://bit.ly/2U0kGvE