February, March or May?

We are trying to plan a trip for 2018 for our family including a then 7 yr old, 4 yr old, and 1 yr old. We’re trying to decide between:
-February (to possibly coincide with Princess Marathon)
-March 12-16 (we’re from Texas and usually have a very early spring break before crowds are too crazy)
-May (Again, we’ll get out mid May)

Crowds and cost are our biggest factors here. I’d prefer my daughter not miss school, but we’re willing to let her miss a couple days for a better experience.

I’d suggest February. March and May are going to be hot and super crowded, even with your Spring Break dates + earlier school out. The weather will be a lot nicer, IMO, and way less crowds.

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The weather will be much cooler in February and it can actually get down right cold (that said as someone who has lived her entire life up north). A water park is usually closed and it may be more crowded. Princess Weekend is also usually held when a lot of Massachusetts schools (not sure if it is throughout all of New England) has their winter break so it may be more crowded than you would think.

I probably would personally go with May. The weather isn’t that bad, imo. The hours are typically longer and Flower & Garden would also be going during that time.


I second May. Early May is one of the least crowded times. And although it will be hot, it won’t be as bad as June - August.

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I would personally choose February (#1) or March (#2)!

We are planning our second trip to WDW… we are arriving a few days before Princess Marathon (taking things a bit slow during the marathon weekend) and staying a few days into Flower & Garden (I have always wanted to go during that time).

Our first trip we went the week before President’s day and it was great touring but the weather was chilly…and we are from Chicago!!

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We stayed the first weekend of february, the princess weekend, and the 2nd week of May. We are headed back the second week of may this year! I would not recommend princess race weekend, it was quite crowded but we did parks after the race which seemed to help with crowds the further we got from the race. The first week of february was low crowds but several things were under refurbishment that time of year.

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We did an early March trip a couple years ago, thinking it would be before most kids are on Spring break. We were definitely wrong! The week we chose was the same week that most of Canada had Spring break - and I think Texas was that same week too. (Liberty Tree Tavern announces each family’s name and where they are from when seating.) Almost everyone was from Canada or Texas. It was very crowded that week.

If I didn’t have to pull my daughter out of school, I’d choose a February date. We liked the cooler temps - which were still much warmer than back home in Wisconsin. Missed a huge blizzard.

Depending on how big of a sports fan you are, I’d think twice about going over Superbowl weekend. We were there when the Packers finally made it to the Superbowl - the year they weren’t expected to make it as of the time we booked our trip in December. Wasn’t the same as watching it with everyone back in Wisconsin.

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I have been in May and just did a President’s week- through Princess. I had a blast both times. I think the weather was perfect this February!

  1. May - great weather for water parks, pool, morning touring. Look at calendar for specific best dates.
  2. February - pick lowest crowd dates but know there will be more refurbs and shorter hours… but low crowds.
  3. March. Weather getting better but not guaranteed and crazy march break crowds make this the lose of these options.
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