February in the World

I’ve been looking into a trip for the first week of February for next year and I was wondering for those of you that have been, what’s the general atmosphere of the parks around that time? I know there’s no such thing as a downtime anymore but I was curious as to what everyone’s experiences have been. Thanks everyone!

First time I went in February the weather was great, I followed the Touring Plans advice and avoided Presidents Day week, and the crowds and wait times were very tolerable. This past February I failed to account for Mardi Gras (my fault, Touring Plans called it and I overlooked it). If the entire state of Louisiana was not at WDW you couldn’t tell. It was the first time I ever experienced a crowd level 10 (and hopefully the last). The weather was great, though. With careful planning and knowledge of your party’s crowd tolerance February can be a great time to visit.

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I’m actually looking into a solo trip the first week of February and I made sure to check that it didn’t hit during Mardi Gras but that sounds amazing thank you so much!

Two words: Cheerleading Competition

Just check the calendar. Honestly it wasn’t horrible, although I had to keep my kids in check because they were seriously annoyed by the attitude from the cheerleaders we encountered (one group demanded they be let in the FP line of an attraction because “we won our division”. The CM was not having it!!) and my daughter especially was getting snotty right back to the groups we encountered.

But overall, we managed quite well and never waited more than 15 minutes for any attraction. I just made sure to plan it right.

I will say, my kids did NOT expect heat in February like we had! They learned their lesson to stay hydrated really quickly!!

There is a cheer competition the second week of February (high school national championship). This is why we are going in February to see my daughter compete. This will certainly have an effect on the resorts they are staying in. I know one of them is Coronado Springs, there’s usually an All Stars resort included as well. I can tell you that the high school cheerleaders will be spending the majority of their time outside of the parks with only short visits in them due to the competition. You will likely notice they are there (and some may be snotty they are groups of teen girls), but I don’t think they will effect the lines very much.