February, Adult-Only Trip

Hi All,

As the subject states, will be taking an Adult-only trip in late February.

It’s a relatively short one, 3 days including arrival day, so we are going to focus on Epcot (FINALLY, a chance to do World showcase properly) and Hollywood Studios (gotta see all the new Star Wars stuff).

My question is, should we double-up on HS or EP? I know we can easily spend two days in Epcot, but I think that if we want do all of our usual favorite stuff in HS + all the new star wars stuff (for which we expect long lines at the M&G), perhaps that is what we should devote the extra day to.

Hopping on one or more of the days is also probably an option (I am curious to experience the walk from EP to HS anyway…)


If EP has PM EMH than I’d say you could RD at DHS, stay until lunch and then hop to EP. If no EMH than I think it would be pushing it - unless you mostly skipped FW and just concentrated on WS.

What do you like to fo? I love the attractions at HS and never use FPs at EP so
I would hop to HS.

At HS, we like the head-liners (tot, rrc, st, tsmwm) plus the Indy stunt show. We’ll want to do the Darth and chewy meet and greets plus whatever they set up for the chase visa M&G. I want to take time to view the Star Wars displays as well and maybe whatever videos they have set up along withe the fire works show… Probably Fantasmic too.

EP has evening EMH on our arrival day, but we won’t be on site until 12 pm at the earliest… Probably closer to 2. Maybe though we could use that day to do the M&G and special fire works before hopping to EP for a pavilion or two. Then just do a full-ish day at each of the parks on the two remains days for attractions…

Kinda like that…

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