February 2020

I usually go to DW last week of February and it traditionally has light crowds. For 2020 the last week of Feb is forecasting heavy crowds. Any insight into why? Thinking about pushing trip to last week of April instead. Thanks!

Using my memory here but it might relate to Mardi Gras crowds.

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Yep, MG is Feb 25th. It used to be peaceful to go during MG, from NOLA, but now everyone does. So anywhere from Feb 22nd - Feb 29th will be crowded, comparatively.

Can you move it to the first week? We did the first week of February at Universal last year, and crowds we great. I expect WDW would be the same.

we are going the 22nd thru the 29th… because my kids are out of school for Mardi Gras… we are expecting it to be crowded…

At least the weather will be nice!

I hope so!! it always rains on Fat Tuesday here in Southwest Louisiana… mother nature likes messing with us parade attendees!! and this time Fat Tuesday and DH’s 40th birthday are the same day!! Feb 25!!

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Born and raised here. I will commit to attending MG day if it falls in March. If not, out of town I go. Buy Feb, Im tired of the crazy weather.

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Thanks for the insight! We usually go last week of Feb because of school schedule. Will probably still go that week as its usually great weather wise as its not too hot yet.

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