February 2019

Thinking about a 5 day weekend during presidents day long weekend in Feb.

Does anyone have experience going at this time and are there any packages historically offered?

Also going 5 of us now. does anyone have a moderate or premium resort that sleeps 5 more comfortably then the others?


One of the busiest times to go. Unlikely to be significant discounts, but you can try. Try MVT to see if they have anything.

I have gone that week and I have had both MVT and AP discounts in the past. I will be there again in 2019!

I have never gone at that time, but we are a family of 5 and our last two trips, we stayed at Port Orleans Riverside. It’s a tight fit, and would only work if at least 2 of your 5 are children, but we literally only sleep in the room and we all slept well. We find the grounds to be beautiful and peaceful and the cost is decent.

How have the crowds been that week? I have used magical vacation travel (they are awesome) but what is AP?

Kids are 12, 15 and 16. We may be struggling to find a room big enough… May need 2 rooms :confused:

Annual Pass rate (AP)- I have found with a good plan crowds are manageable .

Great, thanks… hopefully we will be there :slight_smile:

Agreed. Port Orleans would not be for you, then. :frowning:

AoA is not a moderate but a family suite might be a more comfortable option to give you some extra space & a second bathroom.

A 2BR at a deluxe with rented DVC points is another option to consider.

It’s school vacation week here in Mass, so we’ve gone the last 3 years that week. It’s busy, but manageable. We stayed 5 in Caribbean Beach with 2 adults, 7, 10 and 17 year old - it was a tight squeeze, but we made do. It helps if you’re not planning to spend a ton of time in the room. I wouldn’t say it was ‘comfortable’. We’ve gotten MVT and AP discounts as well.


After reading and considering the ages of our daughters might be best to get 2 rooms. Maybe the Swan dolphin would be more comfortable. I can use the teachers discount.

I created a closed February group for liners going in February. If you are on FB and interested to join, come check us out!!


Great… Thanks just joined, Looking forward to planning :slight_smile:

PS. Funny anecdote; So my daughters and I go every other year. We rope drop, close parks down, park hop, TP, really try to maximize every minute. This Feb trip we will be going with my new wife and step daughter for the first time. All the girls are about same age and really get along. We were talking last night and I am going to have to tell my girls to take a deep breath and be patient. Things will be at a much slower speed for this one. :joy: They are excited to go but do not share the same intensity.

Told my oldest who will be a sophomore that for her senior graduation we will do a blow out 7 day trip in 2021 when all the new stuff is open. :grinning: