February 2019 Liners

Anyone started planning for next February? I am lol! Trying to decide where we want to stay next year! This year we enjoyed CSR but thinking more like POR or POFQ next year!

I am! I am planning the 17-24th ( will need southwest flights). Next month I will book Copper Creek the 19th-24th!

Cool! I think we are going to shoot for the 3rd thru the 10th. Gonna have to wait and see if MVT will have anything that will work when we want to go. Fortunately, we are only in Georgia so it’s only 6.5 hour drive, no flights for us!

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What is the cheapest Southwest flight that you have ever nabbed? I saw a $45 one way flight from Dallas to Orlando this month. I was sooo tempted to grab it!

Since I travel during school vacations the cheapest I have seen was on a couple of weekend trips and I am waiting to book a August Orlando trip. Those flights are around $114. Honestly, I have over 56,000 points and $300 in vouchers based on my my flights. There are three of us so I have to figure out what combo of points/vouchers/cash will make sense over the next year.

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Those are the dates I’m looking at too. I wish the prices would be released :blush:

Me too! Still a few months unfortunately!

We are looking at a February 2019 trip! We usually go in September or October… I think this may be a pleasant change as far as weather and crowds. Has anyone else visited in February? Any idea when rates will be released so we can make definite plans? Super happy to find this topic!

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I booked this past trip, February 1st through the 6th, last July but not sure when the packages were released. I have heard early June or late May :-1:

And on the topic of weather, this past trip the weather was nice, although it was cool in the morning and evenings. Still wore shorts without and issue as it warmed up nicely during the day. Only rained one day on us.