February 2019 advice

We have a 7 day magic your way ticket and will visit a park everyday for at least a few hours on Sat Feb 2-Fri Feb 8. We are off property and have 8 people (4 kids ages 1-9).

Can anyone please recommend which parks to visit which days, keeping in mind we have no hoppers and no extra magic hours? Also, the arts festival at Epcot will be there then.

Thanks so much!

Do not go to a park with am EMH since you won’t be eligible. Most people with young children typically go to MK on the first day. With 7 days, you will do some parks on 2 (or more) days. You might want to consider a couple of mornings off, and not entering a park until mid day and staying until close. That way you can be sure to see the nighttime show. Pick which evening show(s) you’d most like to see. Too often when my kids were little, we would leave the park with the intention of returning for the evening but be too tired to go back. Plus travelling from off site will take awhile. Don’t try to cram too much into each day.


MK-EP-HS-MK-AK-MK-EP. My kids are younger though so we do a lot of MK (and we like to eat at Monorail resorts). If not using EMH I try to go to a park the day after it has EMH.

This is the best advice. You can’t do everything (no one can) so pick a few things each day that you definitely want to do. Anything beyond that will be a bonus.

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