February 2018 Liners

Welcome February 2018 Liners!!

I created a closed Facebook group page for Liners going in February 2018 : https://www.facebook.com/groups/200744810456677/

or search “February 2018 Liners” on facebook if link is not working, thanks!

NOT ON FACEBOOK!!! Please use this post and tell us your dates, who you are traveling with, and maybe something new you are trying.

Link worked for me, I couldn’t find it on my own. We are going to BLT 2/16-2/21 for my bday :slight_smile: I think we are going to do The Keys to the Kingdom tour.

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Thanks for the link, desire! Will be there 02.03-02.11, as that is what worked with our schedule. My birthday happens to be on 02.03, so that’s a first! : ) We will also be traveling with our newest addition for the first time, who will be 17 months (me, DH, DD7, DD3, DS17 mos). First time using TP and some of the tricks I’ve learned from Liners. Excited, but nervous!

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We are hoping to schedule Caring for Giants and the Star War Tour!!

Awesome! This is our second trip to WDW and second time using TP. I believe if we didn’t have a great TP on our first trip my DH would not have been so willing to plan again!! LOL :slight_smile:

Feb.4-9 for DD 5 birthday! Hoping to hit every princess meet and greet in one week.

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Sounds magical! Love being one on one with your child…priceless.

Any more February liners? We would love for you to join the Facebook group or tell us about your upcoming trip here!!

February 3-10. DD4 and DW birthday! Staying at BLT.

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Welcome to the Forum!! Any firsts this trip??

2/17-2/24 but I don’t Facebook!

We are going 2/17-2/24 too and also don’t Facebook! Staying at Fort Wilderness. Hoping for some nice warm weather to escape from the Northern winter.

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Any firsts this trip?

I hear you on the weather part, we are from the suburbs of Chicago! We are very excited for our second trip to WDW.

I just sent a request, we are going 2/22-2/26 for the Princess half. Our first time in Feb.

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Accepted, Welcome to our group!!

I just sent a request. I just booked our trip today for February 24th thru March 4th. My hubby and I will be taking our 2 youngest kiddos they are 9 and 3. We are staying at POR in a Royal Room! I have stayed at POR in the past and enjoyed it so I am hoping the girls LOVE the Royal Guest Room!

Past stays:
POFQ 2017
OKW 2016
Caribbean Beach 2016
Coronado Springs 2016
POR 2013
All Star Movies 2008

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Accepted, Welcome to our group!

I’m going 2/18-23. Staying at AKL!! Solo Winter Break trip!!

A few new things for me (Pandora being the obvious one as I haven’t been to the World since Marathon weekend 2015!!):

  • Dinner at Garden Grill
  • Ultimate Nights of Adventure tour at DAK
  • BOG breakfast
  • Skipper Canteen late lunch
  • Tiffins “linner” (really late lunch/really early dinner)
  • Sanaa lunch

SOOOOOOO excited!!!

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I just sent a request to your FB group. We will be at WDW from Feb 3-11, staying at AKL.

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