February 2017 Crowd Predictions...I'm confused

I am wondering why touringplans.com predicts such high crowd levels the first two weeks of February? I am looking at dates prior to Presidents Week and Princess Half Marathon and am baffled why every other site predicts low-moderate crowds but TP predicts peak or near peak crowds. Any ideas?
We are traveling with my 5 yr old son (non-verbal autism) so it is imperative we gauge crowds correctly. We really don’t want to have to wait until Sept. to go if there is another time with similar crowds.

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UK mid term break is then. Have you had a look at the same week for this year, there is predicted v actual figures you can look at to see what wait times were like.

@len please help!

@SteveBloom might be able to help

I’ll ask @fred to weigh in too.

I have the same question- It is a value season as well. We are booked Feb 4-11 and when I saw this I thought it must not be updated. Also Disney Park hours seem to indicate they are not expecting crowd levels at peak.

The Presidents holiday falls later in the month in 2017 (2nd weekend in 16 vs 3rd in 17)than it did this year which I don’t think has been taken into consideration.

I am watching this as well- these crowds are a lot higher than I was expecting for this time of year and they have me worried.