Feb 2017 Touring Plan Numbers

Last Feb (2016) it seemed like Touring Plans had a hard time predicting the heavy crowds. Will Feb 2017 be any different, i.e., will crowds be more predictable? What happened in 2016 that made Feb so “unpredictable”.

I’m thinking about heading to WDW in Feb and need some guidance.


following this

I’m trying to remember all of the factors that made it a tough year for predictions.

I know one big one was the tiered pricing that they put out.

The late night hours they had probably had an effect, as well as, perhaps, the early morning magic at MK and HS

I think all of the closures at HS has been a factor

Overall attendance has been down.


As to whether this year will be any better, that’s anyone’s guess, really. Probably best to consult your magic 8 ball :wink:

We have a trip planned Feb 4-10. When I started planning back in May every planning site had low crowd levels except TP. They predicted CL 8-9. Finally, TP re-evaluated and reduced CL 3-5 for our trip. The only “big” group events are some dance/cheer groups but as I understand will not impact touring much.