Feb 2017-Packing Question

Going to WDW Feb 4-10 and wondering what types of clothes to pack. Yoga pants, tshirts and hoodies? Will it be warm enough to swim at all?

Pack everything. Layers. I’ve worm shorts some years and also toured wearing a winter jacket. Pools are heated so yes you could swim, it’s just a matter of how warm the air is.

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We always go at this time.We usually wear jeans and a short sleeved shirt and bring a medium weight jacket for mornings/afternoons. We’ve gone 3 times in February and haven’t worn heavy coats at any time. We’re from Memphis so we have fairly cold winters. My older teens will wear shorts because they want to escape from pants but I would be too cold in them! Hats and gloves can also be nice to bring if you are riding roller coasters at night!

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Just be mindful that cold weather in Florida can feel colder that other parts of the country. I was there Nov. 2014 and there was a day that is was in the 50’s. We were freezing! Everyone was buying hats and gloves in the parks. I swore that 50’s in Florida felt so much colder than 50’s at home (Maryland.) Turns out just like humidity can make hot temps feel much hotter, humidity makes colder temps feel much colder. So if it’s 55 degrees it can feel like 40.

We brought packable down jackets for nighttime.