Feb 2016 Express Pass

We will (possibly) be going for the first time next February. Crowd levels are predicted to be 3 overall and for each park. Am I correct to assume this means that an express pass wouldn’t be necessary? We will likely be there Feb 24 (Wed) and 25 (Thurs).

Yeah, I think you’d be fine without them. I loved having them last week as part of staying onsite but if I were going at a low crowd time and not staying onsite, I don’t think I’d pay for them. If you do get there and find it’s more crowded than you thought, there are several places around the park where you can purchase them.

Agreed with @TallAndGoofy. The ExpressPass is so expensive, and the crowd levels will be so low, it’s totally not worth it. Arrive early, draw up a Touring Plan ahead of time and breeze through the parks!

Thanks for your opinions!!