Feature Requests

We have a thread that is about Bugs. Bugs are things that the software designers think already work correctly, but don't. I'd think it might be a good idea to have a thread about Feature Requests - things that do not currently exist in this software that we think they should.

I will start.

From what I can tell so far, the way to make this as most "Chat-like" as possible is to use the "Latest" tab at the top. That will present to me the most recently active threads, regardless of their category. Just like clicking the "Chat" tab on the Lines application. What's missing, however, is a way to get back to Latest after finishing reading a thread. In other words, an equivalent of the "Home" link at the top and bottom of Lines Chat.

To resolve that discrepancy, I humbly suggest that this menu:

be added to the top (and perhaps also the bottom) of every thread page, so that when I'm done reading a thread, I can quickly get back to "Latest", without having to click on the TP logo and going to Latest again. Yeah, maybe it's only an extra click or two, but I think a great many of us are lamenting the loss of the simplicity of Chat, and this seems like a really easy way to bring us one step closer to what Chat was.


Is there are trick to getting latest to work? I click on it and it says "There are no latest topics. That's sad. Why not create a topic?". I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I know I am forum illiterate as I am on no forums - but it seemed pretty straight forward?

I got that briefly last night, and the response I got back (I think from @daybreaker?) was that it's a javascript bug that happens infrequently, and that a refresh should solve it. I take it you're getting that every time?

I am, and I am now working on a work laptop and still getting it. Will wait and see as I am assuming this is all still in testing phase and various issues will get fixed as it goes along.

I agree 100%, @Mr_Itty, and would add that I wish we could choose, perhaps as a user preference, to make the "latest" tab be the default thing that shows up when you first go to the home page instead of "categories." Or "top," or whatever the user prefers.

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Great idea for a topic! I would also like to be able to choose specific, multiple categories to search. For example I will look at Meta, WDW, and UOR. If I could pick those three, and Sort by latest I could see everything I want at once. Otherwise I have to pick all categories and sort through the cruise line and Disneyland ones or pick one category at a time. I have no idea if this easy to do or not, but hopefully it can be done.

@Amandaaalford if you click on your username at the top, and then on "Preferences", you can scroll to the bottom and choose your favorite topics, or conversely the ones you don't want to see. That would let you filter "New" by only those categories you want to follow or get notifications about. Not quite what you're asking for, I don't think, but fairly close.

It would be really nice to be able to change the colour of the font smile

Thanks @Mr_Itty! That helps a lot.

I really like your suggestion, @Mr_Itty. The Home button on Chat made it very easy. But do you know what the difference is between "Latest" and "New"? It seems a little confusing to me. I must be missing something.

Latest shows all topics, sorted by the time of the last post in each topic. New shows all topics that have posts that were made since the last time you visited the forums.

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Ok, thanks. That makes sense. So then, like you said, the "Latest" tab is most like Chat.

I'd really like to set the default view of homepage in my preferences to Latest.