Feast a la Gaston or Croissant Donut

Which would you recommend for a BOG breakfast?

If you have a sweet tooth, go with the Croissant. I really liked it.

The guys in our group all had the Feast a la Gaston. They all joked about how it seemed more like scraps a la Gaston. The portion size was quite small to be called “a feast”. LOL

Seems like it is hit/miss on the portion size. I’ve seen some reviews with not much food, but when I was there it was fine. We got 2 feasts and 2 kids meals for me, DW, DD8, DS6 and DS2 and it was plenty of food. I’ve read that they will bring you more pastry platters if you ask, so there is always that if you want more sweets.

I think we have tried just about everything and for my family the Croque Madame is the favorite.

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The croissant donut is fine, but the meal already comes with pastries so it ends up being a lot of sugar.
The feast has seemed huge to me any time I have ordered it.

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I’ve only had the Feast a la Gaston and it wasn’t very impressive. My DH and I had small portions. Did not think it was worth the cost and was glad we were on the dining plan. We also did PPO so we could get on 7dmt.

Definitely not worth it if you are paying out of pocket

Yes, the Croque Madame is our favorite!

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