Fear Factor Live

This is something I saw mentioned a couple days ago, but with all the excitement of WDW reservations & COVID spikes it has slipped through the cracks…

Unofficial, but well sourced through management TMs

Fear Factor Live will not be reopening / closed permanently.

The show / attraction hasn’t been popular in a long time and takes up a lot of space. Currently, it is a “U-Rest” Zone for mask removal / shade.

That’s a pretty good spot though for something new… right out side Diagon Alley!

Any aspiring Universal Creative TMs want to give their thoughts? A nice distraction, IMHO, from the stress of WDW planning atm!

Hmm. It is an odd sized space. Too small to put in any major ride attraction, but still quite large. If I had to guess, they would keep it as a show space and just bring some new show in eventually. What kind of show? No clue. I’m not sure they would expand Diagon Alley there…but given the proximity to MiB, I wonder if they would do something more SciFi based? Again…I have no immediate ideas.

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I remember hearing speculation that they would do something along the lines of the Ministry of Magic. No idea if that changed with the news of the new park.

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I had heard that too. I’ve also heard that Fantastic Beasts Land at Epic Universe might be scrapped & rethemed into a Ministry of Magic Area.

I keep trying to think of potential IPs that Universal is actively engaged with that could go there that hasn’t already had an attraction, isn’t slated for Epic U & has enough appeal.

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This is a great though exercise. My first thought too was a Ministry attraction of some sort. The odd size makes this tough!

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Seem like the Orlando news is starting to confirm what the fired TMs have been saying

Well… the source if you follow the link is technically me. I heard from someone that both Barney and FFL were axed, but clearly Barney is still around.

I actually know a couple TMs, through Twitter, that’s how I heard about it a couple weeks ago. Good to know you can confirm too.