FEA international gateway

I’m a little confused, when we enter from international gateway and go to FEA at RD, can we go right, through France, past America etc, or do we have to go left past England and Canada and back around clockwise? If there is a choice, which one is quicker? What time should we be at IG?

You have to go left. You can go as far as France to the right, but it’s roped off and you can’t go further.

When we did this last, we got to the IG about 15 minutes before opening. DS and I are not fast walkers. Pretty much everyone passed us on the way to FEA. And then as we rounded the corner at the entrance to World Showcase, we met up with the crowd coming from the Main entrance and a ton of them passed us too. Even with this, we still waited only 20 minutes which I considered to be pretty good.

Okay, so have to go clockwise, not counter clockwise, correct?
Today is “only” supposed to be CL4. Fingers crossed.

Correct, must head towards Canada!

Len and team did this a few weeks ago and made a video about it. They determined that time from main and IG to FEA are the same.

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I watched that video and was surprised. I had assumed that coming from IG would be faster.

I’ll post a full recap later but it was awesome. Entered at 9, at frozen by 9:10, less than 10min wait. Walked to soarin. 5min wait. In line for land at 10:04