FEA dessert party!

Saw in the chat dates in April and May opened at some point today. We had considered this for our trip in April and thought it was not available or sold out so we are excited fo this. How is it, what can we expect?

My DD’s and I really enjoyed it. The viewing area for Illuminations is wonderful and you get to sit! It was very relaxing being able to sit and watch it–that may sound silly but for many nighttime shows/fireworks you have to stand. We like that there were savory options on the buffet and not just desserts. We made it our dinner that day. Alcohol is available as well. Riding FEA after the park closed was fabulous and even more fabulous was walking through an empty WS after we finished the ride (although I know you can do that without the dessert party). I think the whole experience was worth it.

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Can I ask what time you were finished with the Frozen ride after Illuminations? I’m debating on booking for my family but wonder if it will keep my kids up too late. Thanks

Looking back at my photos it seems it was around 9:40. We were the very last boat to ride that night.

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I did the FEA party on my first visit in August 2017.

I booked it because I wanted to guarantee a good spot to watch IllumiNations and because I wanted to ride FEA, but the tiering of rides at Epcot made this difficult to guarantee. (I won’t queue for more than half an hour.)

It achieved both of my objectives. The viewing area is superb. And afterwards you walk straight onto FEA with zero wait.

The alcohol and desserts were never a priority for me. I think I’d eaten something fairly shortly before the party anyway, so I didn’t have much of what was on offer.

I’ve never done this party again because it turns out it’s not that hard to get good spots to watch IllumiNations and FEA really isn’t all that great a ride.

And it’s $79. Ouch.

On the other hand I’ve done the HEA dessert party every single time, and I’ve booked it once again for my trip in July. It’s marginally cheaper at $69 (the fact there’s no alcohol is almost a plus for me because the drinks are way too strong for my palette) and you get a fantastic spot for HEA with zero stress.

Actually, that’s a lie. There is some stress. The people in the viewing area are just as likely to be selfish tossers as they are outside the viewing area. My relaxed enjoyment of the fireworks has been diminished on two of the five times I’ve done the party.

One of our main reasons for booking this for the great view for Illuminations and of course saving the FEA FPP. The seating area also sold it for us as my MiL is getting up there in age and a place to sit will be great for her. And I will say the promise of strong drink that’s “free” is very appealing to me.

My wife and I made a pro / con chart last night while deciding to book or not and the only thing on the con side is the $79 or however much it is. This we can rationalize of course by saying we’re doing QS DDP so no temping dessert buffets elsewhere on the trip. Only other issue on the con side is how late of a night it will be for DD5 and how that could effect our plans at HS the next day.

I think you should go for it. It’s an excellent event. A bit of a luxury, but I can see the argument in your case.

It doesn’t materially add to the overall lateness of the night. You walk straight to FEA (not far) and walk straight onto the ride with no wait. Meanwhile everyone else is piling out of the park in a huge throng of humanity. That’s all you’ll be missing out on.


Thanks for the heads up - I’ve just booked this for our April/May stay. DD4 really wants to see IllumiNations before it disappears, and this is by far the most pleasant way to do it. Now I just need to decide whether to keep the HEA party as well…

Why on Earth wouldn’t you keep it?

There’s always next time. I don’t want DD to get too used to the extras, she’s already got expensive tastes and risks turning into a bit of a snob… :rofl:


Blasphemy. FEA was my and my husband’s favorite ride in EPCOT, by far, and definitely top 10 in all 4 parks. Maybe top 5!