FEA and HEA Dessert parties/ Riverboat ice cream during Feb

I was reading that the dessert parties and riverboat ice cream socials are not offered every night and I am hoping some experience liners can give me some advice. I would like to book HEA dessert on Sun Feb. 4, FEA/Illuminations on Mon Feb 5, and Tiana’s Riverboat ice cream social on Thurs. Feb. 8. If they do not typically offer these on the days/nights I am planning, I might need to change my tentative TPs and really need to know before ADL date in 2 weeks so I can plan accordingly. Thank you all, you are the best group!

Most of the Dessert parties are only available till the end of Oct 2017. None of the dates for Nov, Dec, or any dates in 2018 have been announced from what I can tell. The FEA party dates are almost random, if you look at the Sept and Oct schedule windows. So basically you won’t know whats available for a while. I’m personally waiting for Dec dates to open up for both RoL in AK and the FEA in Epcot.