FD Release

We have reservations for Dec 8-13, had to make plans prior to initial release of FD due to the way work grants vacation leave. Well, we missed FD. Historically, our dates have opened up with an additional release that occurs in August. Thus far, no release. Any word on the release that we hope will come?


Have you looked at RO?

Yes, we already have a package. Could change it of course.

You can apply RO discount to that package.

If need be we will. Really, really wanted FD. I’m one of those that rest better knowing everything’s already paid for.

Ok, but right now you are paying rack rate- right, and FD was already sol out. I would be terrified the same thing happens with RO. I would apply the discount and change to FD if it opens. Why would you not? I change my discounts at least 3 times for every trip.

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Good point.